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How To Make a Unique Watercolor Paper Bracelet, Part 1 by Ross Barbera

How To Make a Unique Watercolor Paper Bracelet, Part 1. In this two part video series I demonstrate how to construct a beautiful watercolor paper bracelet in…


  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Men like making jewelry too! Thanks for watching and commenting – I appreciate it!

  • kayjay0403 9 months ago

    Another new Canadian subscriber happy to stumble upon your site. Note to Cindy: I got my husband interested in jewelery making by taking him to the lapidary club with me where he got hooked on the “rocks” like all the other men in the club.

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Hi Sandy - so glad you are enjoying the projects! Thanks for watching and commenting – I appreciate it!

  • Sandy Broderick 9 months ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this …. thank you so much for sharing!!!! I am sooooooo glad I just happened upon your site…woo hoo….have subscribed and cant wait to go through all your vids!! Have a great week. ~ Sandy (Canada)

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Hope you enjoy the project! Thanks for watching!

  • Cindy Jencks 9 months ago

    Little skateboards.

  • Cindy Jencks 9 months ago

    Wish my husband would make jewelry. Wouldn’t that be cool? Only he would put skulls on it somewhere. :( Just have to make it myself. just the way I want it. :) Very inspiring.

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Great – I hope you like the project – I certainly enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

  • Louisa Selway 9 months ago

    This was amazing thank you so much I can’t wait to try it at home !!

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    You’re welcome, Kathy! I’m very happy that you find the project challenging and interesting! I hope you enjoy making the bracelet, as it lends itself to many variations and color possibilties! Thanks for watching!

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Glad you enjoy these projects! Thanks so much for your very kind comments!

  • Kathy Hurst 9 months ago

    Fantastic! I’ve been trying to find projects with paper and the paper beads are boring. This has the scope I’ve been looking for…thanks for sharing.

  • Judy Nave 9 months ago

    I’m thrilled that found you…your projects are magnificent and your teaching technique is fabulous. Lookingg forward to part 2 and watching your other videos…WOW!!!!

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    Thanks so much for your feedback!!

  • LotusOfLilith 9 months ago


  • realisticart 9 months ago

    That sounds great! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help.

  • ladylvs2utravel 9 months ago

    Thank you for your videos, I love this and can’t wait to try it. I work in an elementary school doing art and I think my upper grade students would love this, because them can use their own art pieces.

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    No problem at all!

  • Miatochan 9 months ago

    You’re welcome, and sorry for being so blunt about the language thing.

  • realisticart 9 months ago

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  • denise cryer 9 months ago


  • realisticart 9 months ago

    I do not recommend polyurethane for two main reasons: first, the fumes are toxic; and second, I don’t like the yellowing that occurs with polyurethane after curing. Polycrylic clear gloss provides the clearest, most durable finish in the least amount of time with a lot less fumes. That is why I recommend it.

  • realisticart 9 months ago

    I always encourage my students to experiment with new approaches. Your idea sounds very interesting and definitely worth trying. Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for watching!

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